Sunday, March 20, 2011

personal : more family time


(PHOTO: at Acorn Park with Daddy on Sunday afternoon.) 

One of the greatest thing about having mommy + daddy work at home?? MORE FAMILY TIME of course.  It's been almost two months since we made storybymia into our husband + wife team besiness and it's been a blessing time for all of us. 

Some of you already know and some of you don't, since I haven't officially announced our 'new storybymia business' story.  There has been some big and small changes in storybymia. We made a big leap by making it into LLC. Yay!! We are still working on more detail touches but you can take a peek and see what we've been up to. ^^

more official announcement + site launch news will be here soon. ^^ Can't wait. haha

It's late sunday night here. Good night. Have a happy monday everyone.


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