Monday, March 14, 2011

personal : our first family photo book

Yay. It's here. Our first family photo storybook. ^^ I've been designing custom photo  books for my clients many times before, but it's actually a very first time for me to work with our own photos and I am super excited about it. We had about 40,000 photos in our iPhoto... Yes. You heard me right. It's 40,000 photos that we photographed since 2004.  Isn't that amazing? I always thought it's too sad that all those photos are trapped inside my computer...and we almost never get to see it again...but I learned about this brilliant idea of making it into storybook and it turned out just fabulous. I went through all 40,000 photographs to pick about 1,200 to make it into four books. Our first book arrived yesterday and about three more books to design. ^______^ Although 'designing' isn't my focus here. I'm trying to fit as many photo as I can fit all our 6 years of marriage into four books....wish me luck. ^^

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