Friday, October 19, 2012

travel : Jeju Island, Korea (cafe seba)

[09.14.2012] A unreal magical place I found in Jeju Island, cafe seba. A jazz cafe owned by jazz pianist and her good barista friend. It rained for hours, so I stayed for hours. ^^ 하루종일 비가 내렸다. 다행이다. 여행이나 관광이 아니라 난 잠간 꼭꼭 숨고 싶었으니... 히히 그리고 그런 혼자 숨바꼭질 놀이를 하기에 이곳은 완벽한 장소였음.  그래서 고맙고 자꾸만 생각이 나네.  

hand written menu + Jeju barley late 

a comfy lounge chair facing a big window....and did I tell you it rained beautifully? 

warm barley bread w/ herb balsamic sauce + homemade tiramisu

me, pretending I live here....hehe 

and I walked around this village when rain stopped for minutes. 그리고 선흘 마을 산책.

제주시 조천읍 선흘리 1093-1 

and it rained...and rained...just how I want to remember this day. 

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