Saturday, January 15, 2011

personal : stay home days---

Here are some snap photo of our days. 
this past week was  'stay home' week.  Since daddy(insun) had to go visit uncle(joe) at hospital everyday, and almost for whole we had to stay home since 1. no car 2. too cold outside 3.since we are staying with guests this week, mommy(mia) had to clean + cook for them.

I always thought my kids were still babies...but they were so understanding and behaved so well through all these times. I'm so PROUD of them. Hannah + Luke is praying for uncle Joe everyday. ^^ I know God will answer their prayer.

I haven't been able to update my shop and didn't get to follow up some orders on time lately. SORRY-
This isn't exactly how I wanted my new years to begin...but I know all things will work together  for good.